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Vietnam Veterans Database

The Vietnam Veterans database contains 2,745,687 records of military personnel who served in the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps or Navy in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. This file does NOT include any Coast Guard personnel. It is NOT a complete list of those who served in Vietnam and can't be used to verify service.

Total Vietnam Veterans Database: 2,745,687 records
Air Force:552,742
Marine Corps:402,455
Coast Guard:0

Name:Name could be partial name or full legal name depending on space available.
Branch:Air Force, Army, Marine Corps or Navy
Rate:Example: E01 or O02
Rank:This gives the name of the rank given. If rank is E01 = Private
MOS:This is the edited MOS so that a MOS title can be added to the file.
MOS Title:The name of the MOS or job; Example: 95B = Military Police
Race:Caucasian, African-American or Other
State:This is the state the veteran is usually from. Approximately 60% of the file contains state.
Entered:Date of entry into the military. Example: 650501 = 05/01/1965
Discharged:Date of discharge. Example 7302 = 02/1973

Sample Vietnam Veterans Database:

Name:Smithton Joseph A JR
Rank Title:Corporal
MOS Title:Infantry
Start:660601 (June 1, 1966)
Stop:7007 (July, 1970)

Disclaimer: offers this database as a service that may assist veterans in locating people they served with. The content may not be 100% accurate. It should not be used to verify any aspect of military service.