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Retired Military Database has three separate years of retired military files. Each file contains approximately two million records of retired military personnel information. When a retiree dies they are taken off the database. If a retiree is listed on the 1998 file but is not listed on the 1999 file then it is a good possibility that the retiree has passed away. They should be listed on the national Social Security Death Index. The retired military files include all branches of the military: Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard.

Only retirees that are receiving retired pay are included in these databases.

Retired 2000
There are 1,959,897 records in this database

Retired 1999
There are 1,944,365 records in this database

Retired 1997
There are 1,871,674 records in this database

Disclaimer: offers this database as a service that may assist veterans in locating people they served with. The content may not be 100% accurate. It should not be used to verify any aspect of military service.