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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Original MOS and the MOS with the title attached?

The original MOS is what was given with the database. In most cases it has to be altered to find out what job title it is. For example: An Army MOS of 11B20 is the original MOS but to find the job title we must only use the first two numbers and the first letter. 11B = Infantry. We have kept the original MOS for researchers that can use the information.

What is the source of the databases?

All of the data for all the files have come from the government. That is why they can't be updated by adding to or deleting information.

How do I get my name added to the database?

Since these files were generated by the government they can't be changed in any way.

The information given for my service is incorrect? How do I have it changed?

We will not modify any of the information contained in the databases.

Why can't I use it to verify if someone really served in Vietnam?

Since the database isn't 100% accurate it would not be fair to use it as a source to say if someone did or did not serve in Vietnam. It is also impossible to determine if the person listed is the correct "John Smith," since no other identifying information is given, such as a veteran's date of birth, military service number or Social Security number.

It can't be used to verify service since the database is not complete. At least 3 million to 3.5 million American military served in Southeast Asia. This database is only 2.7 million and many are not listed.

I served in Vietnam and I am not listed. Can I add my information?

Not at this time.

Do you have any Coast Guard listed?

No. Our database contains only Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Navy. Approximately 8,000 Coast Guard veterans served in Southeast Asia.

I found a listing in the database for my military buddy, what do I do now to find him?

If a state is listed and his name is given try some of the free options to locate him. Try the Internet telephone listings in the state,,, etc. If you have a copy of How To Locate Anyone Who is or Has Been in the Military please read the chapter on locating veterans.

What is an MOS?

Military Occupation Specialty code is the system the military uses to identify the type of job assigned to the veteran. This can help to determine which individual might be the person you are looking for. If "John Smith" served in the Army as a mechanic or medic, his MOS would determine that. For your convenience we've added MOS titles to all known MOS listings. If you are unsure of the MOS try searching the Vietnam-Era MOS database by title or partial title for a possible listing of MOS codes.

How can my military reunion association benefit from this service? offers Vietnam Veterans as a resource for military reunion planners. After so many years have passed people forgot the correct spelling of their buddy's name or home of record. When searching for a veteran it is important to know as much information including the correct spelling of the last name, first name and even a middle initial can help. Since the home of record of state from is listed on 60% of the file that gives you the first place to look.